Bedside Reading: 7-6-2018

July 06, 2018

Bedside Reading: 7-6-2018

As we head into the weekend, take some time to relax, refresh, and catch up on the most interesting new sleep-related reads of the week. We hope you enjoy this week's roundup!

Personal Sleep Stories:

Scientific statistics and product reviews are wonderful, but there’s nothing like a story of personal experience to drive home the idea that the need to sleep is universal. This week, Sarah Sands writes about her own experiences with sleep deprivation and the sleep deprived for the Financial Times. For Travel + Leisure, Jacqueline Gifford describes how a vacation stay at the Canyon Ranch resort helped improve her sleep at home.

Some Bad News and Some Good:

Research shows that around 30% of adults in the United States get insufficient sleep, and our propensity for tracking and attempting to improve on our habits may actually be hurting us in this area. At Thrive Global, Sam Nicolino ponders “Does Sleep Tracking Increase Anxiety” and prevent us from sleeping as well as we could? On the bright side, however, a new study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides some hopeful data that suggests that at least some Americans are getting more sleep than they were in the past. The Economist Data Team sums up the results here.

Tips and Tricks:

If you’d like to be in that latter group of people getting more sleep, we’ve rounded up some useful tips for you. If you can’t afford a stay at Canyon Ranch, indulging in a restorative nap might be more your speed. Courtney Leiva writes about how interests in health, wellness, and well-being are making napping trendy, giving rise to napping clubs and nap pods at the office. And Mary Ward tackles the confluence of sleeping and another wellness mainstay--yoga--introducing us to the calming, tranquil practice of nidra yoga. If nidra yoga doesn’t put you to sleep, perhaps an ayurvedic beverage affectionately dubbed “moon milk” will. Morgane Espagnet provides a recipe in Vogue Paris online. If the hot summer nights are keeping you awake, Ashley Poskin describes how to make a DIY cooling pack using a sock filled with rice. (Of course, for a more luxurious experience, you could also check out our chill-able silk eye pillows and neck wraps, which can be popped in the freezer for long-lasting, cooling comfort.) Finally, proving that the sleep challenges aren’t a new phenomenon, at Reader’s Digest they’ve combed their archives for the best (and sometimes wackiest) tips for getting to sleep.

Have a wonderful, and restful, weekend, and pleasant dreams!

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