Give Mom the Gift of Sleep this Mother's Day

May 04, 2019

Wink & Rise Mother's Day 2019 Gift of sleep

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a time to honor and celebrate all of the things that moms do to make our lives better. And one of those things is forgoing their own sleep to make sure their children (young and grown alike) are comfortable and safe. From staying up to rock the baby who wakes up the minute he’s set down in the bassinet to lying alert until the recently-drivers’-licensed teenager creeps in the front door, sleepless nights are a fact of parenthood. Which means sleep might be right up at the top of Mom’s wish list of things she really wants. In fact, in a survey of over 240 mothers by Happiest Baby, over 50% of respondents listed “more sleep” as their number one desire for Mother’s Day.

Luckily, Wink & Rise has you covered, offering luxurious gifts that will pamper Mom and help her rest well. Read on for some ideas that any mother would love, or browse our tailored collections to find the perfect gift to show her you appreciate all her sleepless nights.

Gifts in good taste

Wink & Rise Mother's Day 2019 Yellow and Blue herbal tea sleep

Help Mom build an end-of-day routine that leads to relaxation and tranquility. This might include a cup of artisanal tea, such as Harney & Sons’ Yellow and Blue blend, a calming herbal mix of lavender buds, chamomile, and cornflower. Or give her a sleep-inspiring twist on traditional chocolates with Good Day Chocolate's melatonin-infused Sleep candies.

The scent of slumber

Wink & Rise Mother's Day 2019 gift of sleep aromatherapy Sleep Comes Easy Little Moon Essentials

Scent has a powerful effect on our behavior because of the associations it can bring to mind. However research is also revealing that some scents, such as lavender, may have an additional biochemical effect on our sleep. Little Moon Essentials’ Sleep Comes Easy scent, featuring the soothing smells of lavender, bergamot, and chamomile, is available in two preparations. If Mom loves bath and body products, she might enjoy it as a light, beeswax-based salve. Or she can use the linen and pillow mist to suffuse her surroundings with this comforting blend.

Get comfortable

Wink & Rise Mother's Day 2019 gift of sleep Stray and Wander Reve Turkish Cotton blanket

Any mother would love a gift that allows her to wrap herself in comfort as she drifts off. Stray and Wander’s organic Turkish cotton throw blankets are luxuriously soft and light-weight enough to use during the hot summer days ahead. And Wink & Rise’s signature silk and cotton eye pillows provide the benefits of aromatherapy as well as gentle acupressure that may aid the process of falling asleep.

Treat Mom to the gift of sleep

Wink & Rise Mother's Day 2019 gift of sleep Relax and Restore package luxury sleep aids

Every mother is unique, so if you can’t decide which items your mom might like best, that's ok. Consider one of our curated packages, containing a variety of our favorite sleep-inspiring aids. Or let Mom pick out what appeals to her with a Gift Card!

This year, consider treating the Mom to something she’s probably been craving—the gift of restful sleep—so she can make the most of her waking hours.

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