Whish sound conditioner

New from Marpac, the authority in sound conditioners since the 1960's, comes the Whish, a digital sound machine that will lull you to sleep. Featuring 16 sounds--including several variations of pure white noise and the sound of their signature Dohm fan, as well as new nature sounds and calming, meditative tones--the Whish is sure to feature a sound that will sooth you as you drift off. Once you're alseep, the Whish cancels ambient noises that may awaken you, allowing for a more restful sleep experience. Additional features include volume control and an automatic shut-off that can be set to 6 hours or 8 hours (in case you need white noise to fall asleep but prefer a silent environment once you are asleep).

If you'd like soothing sounds on the go, the Whish is compact enough to fit easily in carry-on luggage and can be powered via the included USB/Micro-USB cord. It also includes a standard US electrical outlet adapter. 

Unit measures approximately 4.75" in diameter X 3.25" H and weighs 12.5 oz. (not including packaging or adapter and cord).

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