40 Blinks Ultra-Lightweight Eye Mask

Many people sleep best in a completely darkened environment, but this is often hard to achieve. Eye masks provide a solution by blocking out ambient light.

The ultra-lightweight 40 Blinks eye mask by Bucky has been rated best in its class by Good Housekeeping. Featuring deep, molded cups that keep the mask away from the eyelids and allow you to blink freely, the soft, adjustable mask is superior at blocking out light and creating a sleep-inducing, relaxingly dark micro-enviroment. The soft, breathable fabric feels weightless against the face; you'll quickly forget you're wearing a mask at all.

Perfect for travelers and work-day nappers, the mask also promotes sounder nighttime sleep at home.

Measures approximately 9" X 3.5." Weighs 1.6 oz. (including packaging).

Adjustable velcro strap fastens at the back of the head.

Mask is 100% PVC-free polyester; strap is 40% polyester, 30% nylon, 30% elastane.

Care: Hand wash, cold water with gentle detergent, and air dry. 

Because eye masks are in contact with the skin, they can absorb oils over time and should be replaced periodically. To keep your mask in great condition, it is recommended that you refrain from using facial lotions and makeup while wearing the mask.