We've all experienced the effects of not getting enough quality sleep: poor mood, poor performance, and poor health. Yet access to safe, secure places to sleep are not a given for many less fortunate members of our society. Wink & Rise is committed to helping make this situation better, donating 5% of every sale to established non-profit organizations dedicated to providing access to sleep security for vulnerable Americans. 

Currently, we are proud to donate to The Empowerment Plan, a non-profit based in Detroit, Michigan, which uses donated materials to manufacture wearable sleeping-bag coats that are distributed to homeless populations throughout the United States. Not only do The Empowerment Plan's coats provide needed warmth for those without adequate shelter, they provide needed employment and steady wages for those hired to manufacture them. Since 2012, the organization has provided employment, leading to steady housing, for over 45 formerly homeless individuals, helping to break the cycle of poverty in their community while supporting homeless individuals throughout the United States. Materials for an EMPWR coat cost just $25, and overhead and labor bring to total cost to sponsor a coat to $100. With every purchase from Wink & Rise, you help us to sponsor more coats--and safer sleep--for those in need. Thank you.