Jersey Travel Blanket-Scarf

Perfect for catching some zzz's on the go, this lightweight jersey travel blanket packs up compactly and can double as a wearable scarf. The perfect extra layer for chilly plane cabins or air-conditioned offices, the soft, pinstriped jersey fabric provides light coverage for your shoulders, torso, and lap. For those who require the weight of an additional layer in order to relax and fall asleep, the blanket scarf fits the bill without adding a lot of bulk or unnecessary heat. Made of easy-to-care-for polyester with a soft hand, this blanket folds down to fit in its own matching drawstring pouch for easy transport. 

Measures approximately 36" X 54." Weighs 12.7 oz.

100% polyester

Care: Machine wash, delicate cycle; tumble dry, low heat. Do not use bleach.